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Glow-worm Energy 15R (ErP) System Boiler plus flue kit

We have added the Easy Pick Pack version of the ever popular Glow-worm Energy 15R regular boiler to our range to help you make the right choices on flue parts and boiler accessories that you may need with your boiler. Just scroll down the page, and choose the items you need knowing that these products are suitable for this boiler

The Energy regular (for open vent systems) boiler comes with a great range of outputs, attractive modern design, bright easy to use interface and a choice of controls. The Energy regular boiler range is suitable for homes with high hot water demands.

The Energy 15R regular boiler also known as a conventional, heat only or open vent boiler is a light and compact boiler with a choice of rear or top flue making it easy to install in any situation. Using an industry standard DIN layout makes boiler swaps quick and the aluminium heat exchanger has large waterways making it perfect for retrofit jobs.

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