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Vaillant VRT350 Programmable Room Thermostat

  • Control the temperature and timings of your central heating system
  • Easy to use digital interface that relies in 2 push buttons and a rotary knob
  • Monitors the room temperature and is able to change the boiler output accordingly
  • Ensuring that you get a much more efficient boiler performance
  • Compatible with new Vaillant ecotec boiler models

The VRT 350 Programmable Thermostat has a flexible 7 day or 24 hour time control with independent time control for heating and hot water. When used with ecoTEC combi boilers, the hot water program can be used to provide time control of the 'AquaComfort' system. When used with a system or open vent boiler and additional VR 66 Control centre the VRT 350 hot water channel can be used to time the hot water cylinder charging.
The programmer has 3 independent on/off periods per day, central heating advance function, holiday set-back function, adjustable set-back temperature and 3 room temperature profiles. There is also a calendar function for automatic summer/winter changeover. The thermostat can be set to modulate the boiler maximising fuel savings further. The VRT 350 Programmable Thermostat can be used with all ecoTEC boilers.

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