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Vaillant uniSTOR 200 Unvented Cylinder 111.6090

Vaillant uniSTOR 200 Indirect Unvented Cylinder

Manufacturers Part No: 0010010903

Vaillant uniSTOR 200 Indirect Unvented Cylinder operate directly from the mains water supply, providing a high pressure flow of hot water and can use an immersion heater to supplement heating of the water. An unvented cylinder has built in safety measures to help support the high pressures.

Vaillant's latest range of stainless steel unvented cylinders gives you the option of a broad range of capacities from 120 litres up to 310 litres. Whichever cylinder you choose, you can be sure of the quality and performance that you expect from Vaillant. 

In addition, a high recovery heating coil and superb reheat times, which are among the best in class, make Vaillant uniSTOR 200 Indirect Unvented Cylinder the only choice in unvented cylinders. And what's more, the uniSTOR range is fully compatible both with Vaillant system boilers (high efficiency ecoTEC and standard efficiency thermoCOMPACT boilers) as well as any other manufacturers' boilers - so whatever the system you can always add an extra touch of Vaillant performance.

Vaillant uniSTOR 200 Indirect Unvented Cylinder Features & Benefits:

  • High Grade Stainless Steel
  • 25 Year Guarantee ( Cylinder Shell)
  • Supplied With Seperate Expansion Vessell
  • Complete with back-up immersion heater
  • Includes 2 Port Motorised Valve
  • Low Lift Weight (Empty)
  • Stylish Exterior Casing

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