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Radiator Bending/Curving Services for bay windows

Curved Bay Window Radiators:

If you are looking to heat your home more professionally and save treasured space, then a Curved Bay Window Radiator is what you want. We are the UK's best providers of Bay window radiators at fantastic charges. As a result of we living in the Northern hemisphere, our houses get very cold and in today's weather of severity, we need to discover new and advanced methods of heating our homes and buildings efficiently and most prominently efficiently.  Science has established that the coldest part of any building is near outdoor windows.  As over 95% of buildings in the UK are animated using hot water central heating boilers united with radiators, it is domineering that the radiators are located underneath the windows.  On a flat wall, this is frequently not a matter.

What are Curved radiators?

Your interior design plans have been completed and you have set a budget aside for your reformation or new build where do you start? The majority of people particularly regarding heating systems will maybe start by penetrating on the internet and although this is a good source of info it does not always assure the quality of the product or the client service acknowledged.

Design for life:

Imagine a world where all was the same or very comparable, wouldn’t be very motivating, would it? Here at Hawk Heating Supplies, we understand that variety is the spice of life and this is imitated in our new variety of curved radiators. Not everybody lives in or surely wants standard gears and fittings for whatsoever reason be it personal taste or design contemplations. We are mainly proud to be allied with the manufacturers who produce advanced designs to fit every requirement, we always have our fingers on the pulse and endeavour to take you, the client, the modern curved bay radiator designs at the lowest possible price.

Because of our wide network of producers, curved radiators for bay windows, and wholesale contractors we can basis the latest in-home heating Haute tailoring before they even become exposed. If you take the time to glance at our website you will witness a stimulating alternative to the average fare on other websites and the high street. We take the time to pattern the modern progress in the design world and if we think somewhat would be practical, we suggest our new concepts to the manufacturers. This is in contrast to many wholesale dealers who are only fascinated in the here and now with no inspection for changing trends, curved radiators for bay windows, and perceptions. Our variety of curved bay window radiators, just the start of things to arise and you can look onward to new designs over the coming months and years.

Ordering a client made bay window radiator is as easy!

1.       Call or email us with the size and kind of radiator you want (If you're not sure, that perfectly calls and we'll work it out for you.

2.       Place your order for a tailored Curved Bay Window Radiators sending a template if we want it.

3.       Wait for your new radiator to be carried to your address.


·         Space-saving – The room can be used more professionally.  No need to block all the heat behind a couch, or move the furniture to let warm air socialize from an unwell placed radiator.

·         Most competent – Extensive investigation has shown that placing the radiator in the coldest part of the room lets the room heat up faster and with less energy effort.  Most of the time the coldest fragment of the room is adjoining the window, henceforth the benefit of placing a radiator in the bay window itself.

·         Decrease condensation on Internal window glass – By placing a radiator beneath the bay window compression on the internal face of the window can be abridged.

·         Minimize diffusion of cold and damp air- into the living space This lets the room uphold a comfortable temperature easier. (Think of the door arrival blow heaters in shops etc.).  

·         Make use of then ‘dead space’ – The bay window area, be it curved or angled is hard to use due to its shape. If you want to replace the curved bay radiator area lets you turn this into a benefit.

·         Cost-Effective - Bay radiators can be good speculation in offsetting wasted energy prices by having a radiator in a wrong part of a room.

We bend or curve radiators to fit under bay windows. Having a curved radiator to fit under your bay window has never been more cheap and affordable. All you have to do is bring us a template for the bay window(if you do not know how to make a template please call us now on the below mentioned numbers for assistance)  and we can curve a radiator for your bay window within 2-7 working days. 

To get a quote please contact us now. 


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