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Model: Fan Flue for FF Model
8.1 The flue must be installed as specified in BS 5440:Part 1. 8.2 The terminal must not cause an obstruction nor the discharge cause a nuisance. 8.3 If the terminal is fitted within 1000 mm of a plastic or painted gutter or within 500 mm of painted eaves then an aluminium shield at least 1000..
Ex Tax:£63.33
Model: Balanced Flue
Balanced Flue for Main Water Heater BF Model8.1 The flue must be installed as specified in BS 5440:Part 1. 8.2 If the terminal discharges onto a pathway or passageway, check that the combustion products will not cause a nuisance and that the terminal will not cause an obstruction. 8.3 If t..
Ex Tax:£68.33
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Without water heaters you won’t be able to live in a colder region because you can’t do your chores because it would be difficult for you to manage your chores with cold water. Colder water makes your life tougher as we know that your routine starts by using water as you washed your face, take showers etc. They are also required to warm your houses if your houses are not warm you will definitely feel disturbed because of moisture. This is necessary item which should put in your house for your comfort. But water heater cost is a major concern. As you spend a lot of money on them so you should purchase it from some known company like hawk heating supplies so that your money will not go in to waste. Our water heater prices are the most suitable compared to the rest.

Pocket friendly solution

Water heaters are most crucial machine which plays an important role in your daily life too as you cannot manage to warm your house and tap water together without them. Thus without these heaters it would be difficult to manage your house chores. In conclusion you must buy it for your comfort. Maybe water heater cost is the major hindrance for you to purchase it, but don’t worry our water heater prices are the most competitive in market. We know that you hesitate because of your budget as you must heard a lot that they are quite expensive because it is a machine which is used for both type of purposes i.e. for heating tap water and for warming the house. Don’t worry we presented you such type of water heaters that are of good quality but in reasonable price. As we know that you have to look after many other expenses so you must need some relaxation in buying your own heater. Thus with us you don’t have to worry any more as you can afford it and make your house warm and cozy as well as warm the tap water also. It saves your energy by performing two tasks at once. You have no need to buy two different machineries for two different tasks as you bought it. Water heater price is reasonable then the other machineries which makes it more affordable.

Types of water heaters provided by us

·         Solar water heater

·         Electric water heater

·         Gas water heater

Solar water heater

Solar water heater is quite effective because the fuel it consumed is sunshine which is free thus it is environment friendly and pocket friendly too. Moreover, you require least amount of maintenance for it.

Electric water heater

As the name of the water heater shows that it is the type of water heater which runs by electricity. It works more effectively than solar water heater. Electric water heaters are more reasonable for large houses.

Gas water heater

Gas water heater is also cost effective as it uses gas for fueling; however it works in a same way as electric water heater and able to bear more work load. This water heater price is affordable. A gas water heater consumes less space as compared to solar and electric water heaters as well.

 If you want to purchase best quality water heater you can contact us on our website and book your order.