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Fan Flue Kit for FF Model 430183

Fan Flue Kit for FF Model 430183
Fan Flue Kit for FF Model 430183
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8.1 The flue must be installed as specified in BS

5440:Part 1.

8.2 The terminal must not cause an obstruction nor the

discharge cause a nuisance.

8.3 If the terminal is fitted within 1000 mm of a plastic or

painted gutter or within 500 mm of painted eaves then an

aluminium shield at least 1000 mm long should be fitted to

the underside of the gutter or painted surface.

8.4 If a terminal is fitted less than 2 metres above a

surface to which persons have access then a guard must

be fitted.

8.5 The terminal guard must be evenly spaced about the

flue terminal and fixed to the wall using plated screws.

8.6 In certain weather conditions a terminal may plume

when the appliance is operated. Siting where this could

cause a nuisance should be avoided.

8.7 Take care to ensure that combustion products do not

enter ventilated roof voids.

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