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Vaillant Flue

Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant 1970mm Flue Extension 303905
This Vaillant flue extension is for use between flue elbows, vertical adaptor and vertical terminal to extend the length of the standard horizontal flue pipe by up to 1,970mm. Its suitable for use in conjunction with all ecoTEC condensing boiler models..
Ex Tax:£82.00
Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant 45 Degree Flue Bends (Pack Of 2) 303911
This pair of 45º flue bends provides greater flexibility when installing a Vaillant ecoTEC HE boiler. Used in conjunction with Vaillant condensing boiler flue accessories, the elbows can be used to manoeuvre a horizontal or vertical flue run around obstacles..
Ex Tax:£68.00
Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant 970mm Flue Extension 303903
When used between flue elbows, vertical adaptor and vertical terminal, this Vaillant flue extension provides more flexibility during installation by enabling you to extend the length of the standard horizontal flue pipe by up to 970mm. Its compatible with all ecoTEC condensing boiler models...
Ex Tax:£47.00
The Vaillant Flue adjustable Support clips are for use alongside any Vaillant EcoTec boiler flue installation, helping to ensure that the flue has been installed in a secure and safe manner.Suitable for use with the Vaillant ecoTEC Boiler range...
Ex Tax:£39.00
Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant 1 Meter White Variable Termination Extension 0020219540
The Vaillant 60mm x 1 meter white variable termination (plume) extension is suitable for use with EcoTEC flue systems in conjunction with the white variable termination kit (plume kit)..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant 100mm Flat Roof Penetration Collar 009056
This 100mm flat roof penetration collar (flashing) enables you to create a watertight bond for flue holes cut through a flat roof. This flat roof penetration collar is suitable for use with the 100mm vertical flue terminal for the Vaillant EcoTEC boiler range. ..
Ex Tax:£35.00
Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant 125mm 45 Degree Bend 2 packs 303211
Ex Tax:£100.00
Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant 125mm 87 Degree Elbow 303210
87 Deg elbow 125mmSuitable for use with the Vaillant ecoTEC Boiler range...
Ex Tax:£54.17
Brand: Vaillant Model: Flue Extension 970mm
Flue Extension 970mmSuitable for use with the Vaillant ecoTEC Boiler range...
Ex Tax:£60.77
Brand: Vaillant Model: Flue Extension 1970mm
Flue Extension 1970mmSuitable for use with the Vaillant ecoTEC Boiler range...
Ex Tax:£95.83
Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant 125mm Flue Extension 470mm 303202
Flue Extension 470mmSuitable for use with the Vaillant ecoTEC Boiler range...
Ex Tax:£40.00
Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant 125mm Standard Horizontal Flue Kit 303209
Std Horizontal Flue Kit 125mm..
Ex Tax:£95.83
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What is Vaillant Flue?

Basically, Vaillant flue is another term used for boiler flue. Boiler flue is actually a pipe used for exhaust gases. It carries the waste gases outside of your house or your place. It is one of the most important components of boiler as without it you can't expect to have boiler installed. This makes sure that all the waste gases produced by boilers while heating your place are removed successfully to the atmosphere. In case of any problem with it a deadly accident could happen. Most of the carbon monoxide poisoning cases associated with boilers are because of faulty Vaillant flue. As flue holds extreme importance thus they need to be in supreme condition 24/7 365 days. Only then you could expect that there would be no problem with your boiler and your safety would not be on risk. Hawk heating supplies offer latest technology boilers with their specific flues to ensure the safety of people living inside the building. As boiler flue carries outside all the excretory gases and by-products from your house, it plays a key role in ensuring your safety.

Why Vaillant flue extension is needed

Like all other machines, boilers can also come up with various issues. Despite of proper maintenance and gradual checkups of boilers, there are some problems that are bound to occur or maybe you are extending your house and the current Vaillant flue of your boiler is not appropriate for the extended house so you need Vaillant flue extension. In such a scenario Vaillant flue extension could be used. They are appropriate to connect fuel elbows to increase its length according to the extension demand. Thus, Vaillant flue extension is the right choice for those who are considering their house extensions. So, you don't have to worry over the additional cost of having a whole new boiler for your extended home, you can easily have an extension for boiler flue.

Importance of vaillant flue location

Location of boiler flue is extremely important for every type of boiler. It should always be outside the house but its exit point depends greatly on the size, shape and location of boiler. Most of the time they pass horizontally through the very next wall of the boiler. This is because it does not require any kind of alteration in path so it is extremely cheap. However, in case there are some location issues or it is difficult to pass the flue horizontally through the wall then Vaillant flue kit is used for some alterations or extension to pass the flue pipe safely outside the house. This helps the safe exit of flue pipe outside the house thus the chance of an accident decreases to certain extent. However, horizontal passing of flue pipe is not an option always. Sometimes they need to be placed vertically and exit through the roof of the home. So, this explains that the location of boiler flue for every boiler varies according to the location and type of the boiler. Hawk heating supplies is a renowned company which offers Vaillant flue kit at most reasonable prices in UK.

Shape of the vaillant flue

It is a common question that whether the Vaillant flue of boiler should be straight or not? Well the thing is it can be straight or it can be of different shapes depending on the location and type of boiler. Some boilers’ flue allows bends in them as well. This also depends on the amount of extension it requires. If the extension is required Vaillant flue kit could be used to make the adjustments accordingly. Hawk heating supplies is a renowned company in this field supplying various type of Vaillant flue collector and Vaillant flue kits for the extension of the boiler flue. There are many other companies offering various types of products at various prices but we guarantee our product quality at the most reasonable price and if you could have the supreme quality products at such reasonable price then why go for any other option. Thus, reach us right away for any kind of product. We will be happy to hear from you.