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Vaillant Heating Controls

Model: Vaillant ecoLEVEL condensate pump 0020030797
ecoLEVEL condensate pump Vaillant's ecoLEVEL condensate pump pumps condensate from the boiler solving the problems encountered where a high efficiency boiler is installed remotely from the waste drain system. Small and neat in appearance, the ecoLEVEL condensate pump is also extremely quiet when r..
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Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant timeSWITCH 150 - 0020116882
The timer plugs directly into the boiler fascia without the need for any wiring. An over-ride switch is also included. The timeSWITCH 130 works in conjunction with ecoTEC combination models and provides basic 24hr timing for central heating. An additional room thermostat (eg: VRT 50) should be used..
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Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant timeSWITCH 160 control
The timeSWITCH 140 has independent time control for central heating and hot water. When used with ecoTEC combination boilers, the hot water program can be used to provide time control of the 'AquaComfort' system. When used with a system or open vent boiler and additional VR 65 Control Centre the tim..
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Brand: Vaillant Model: VRT 350
Control the temperature and timings of your central heating systemEasy to use digital interface that relies in 2 push buttons and a rotary knobMonitors the room temperature and is able to change the boiler output accordinglyEnsuring that you get a much more efficient boiler performanceCompatible wit..
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Brand: Vaillant Model: Vaillant VRT350F Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat
The VRT 350f wireless programmable room thermostat makes installation easy. The easy to wire receiver unit is installed in close proximity to the boiler. The battery operated wireless thermostat unit has flexible siting potential. The VRT 350f has a flexible 7 day or 24 hour time control with indepe..
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