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 Digital RF Thermostat With Twin Channel Programmer DT20RF
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Model: Digital RF Thermostat With Twin Channel Programmer DT20RF
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Model: Worcester Comfort 1 RF Digital Room Thermostat 7733600001
Greenstar Comfort I is an intelligent programmer that plugs into the boiler and is supplied with a separate room thermostat.The thermostat has a load compensation function, which enables the control and the boiler to have an intelligent conversation, delivering a 3% ErP package efficiency in..
Ex Tax:£185.00
Model: Worcester Comfort II RF Twin Channel Programmable 7733600002
Greenstar Comfort II combines a programmer, that is typically plugged into the boiler, and a room thermostat so you can access to all control functions at a single, easily accessible location.The control allows you to set 6 adjustable heating temperatures per day and can be accessed thro..
Ex Tax:£202.00
Model: Worcester Comfort twin channel digital programmer 7733600003
Greenstar Comfort control is a twin channel programmer that plugs directly into the boiler.This control has been designed based on your feedback meaning the control menu is extremely intuitive enables you to take advantage of all of the available control options.The control is quick to i..
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Model: Worcester MT10 mechanical timer 7716192036
The simplest Worcester control. This is an easy-to-use analogue clock for setting heating time periods. It plugs into the fascia via a pre-prepared plug and socket...
Ex Tax:£60.00
Model: Worcester MT10RF mechanical RF thermostat 7716192037
A simple, easy-to-operate 24 hour mechanical timer combined with a radio frequency room thermostat. The thermostat features individual higher and lower temperature sensors...
Ex Tax:£195.00
Model: Worcester Wave Internet Programmer 7716192072
Worcester Wave is a smart, internet connected programmable control for central heating and hot water which can be operated using a smart device.The advanced programming enables the Wave to interact with your boiler and take advantage of clever control features that will improve the effic..
Ex Tax:£170.00
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