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Gas meter fittings

Model: Gas Domestic Angle Meter Regulator - 3 /4
Angle type regulators designed for low pressure domestic meter applications. Conforms to PRS 3/E, and is in accordance with BS EN 88:1991. This product is suitable for installation onto G1.6, G4, U6 and E6.G130 meters. Brass meter adaptors and washers must be purchased seperately.The standard unit i..
Ex Tax:£29.99
Model: Gas Flexible Meter Connector 3/4
3/4" BS 746 nut/liner x 3/4" BSP taper male, 455 mm.Convoluted stainless steel hose conforms to BS EN ISO 10380:2003 with end connections to BS 746:2005+A1:2009 (nut and liner) and BSP taper male thread to ISO 7-1:1994. Supplied without a washFlexible Meter Connector - 3/4" x 1"Flexible Meter Connec..
Ex Tax:£25.83
Model: Gas Meter Control Valves Domestic
1" BSP TF x BS 746 M straight ball valves designed to function as a fire safe meter control valve, certified to GIS/V7-3:2007 and high temperature resistant to EN 1775:2007, Annex A, procedure B.Body brass to BS EN 12165:1998 CW617N.Operating temperature: -20 to 60°C.Max. operating pressure: 0.5 bar..
Ex Tax:£40.00
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