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Main Boost Charger Pump Direct on Mains Pump Unit MBC-CHRGMJ1 MJ1

Main Boost Charger Pump Direct on Mains Pump Unit MBC-CHRGMJ1 MJ1
Main Boost Charger Pump Direct on Mains Pump Unit MBC-CHRGMJ1 MJ1
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Product Information:
"Why do I need a MainsBoost™ Charger MJ1 pump?"
If you want to enjoy power shower performance or fill your bath in under 5 minutes but...
  • The incoming water supply to your property is less than 2Bar (static/standing) pressure (and you want to install a MainsBoost™ or MainsBoost-pro™ system.)
  • The incoming water pressure to your property is OK (>2Bar), but you would like more pressure - up to 3.5Bar from your MainsBoost™ system.
  • You have large high flow rate shower heads and/or shower body jets or an oversized bath.
  • The shower fittings you have require a guaranteed minimum operating pressure.
"When should I install one?"
If your water pressure at the stop tap is below 2Bar or if you live in a part of the country where water pressure is so poor that home owners have not been able to enjoy the benefits of unvented cylinders and combination boilers or the performance of the latest high end showers, (which typically need at least 2Bar incoming water pressure to operate effectively). 
The MainsBoost Charger™ MJ1 can deliver up to 3.5Bar pressure and substantially increase flow rates when used in conjunction with a MainsBoost™/MainsBoost-pro™ to allow properties with even the lowest water pressure (0.5Bar minimum) to enjoy a 5 star experience from their  unvented cylinders, thermal stores, combination boilers and high end performance showers.
"How does it work?"
The MainsBoost Charger™ incorporates the innovative Charger MJ1 pump in a self-contained wall mountable box allowing flexibility in design and improved ease of sighting in properties with low water pressure and water flow rates.
The Charger MJ1 pump works in tandem with either one or multiple MainsBoost™ or MainsBoost-pro™ units.
The MainsBoost Charger™ MJ1 pump is installed directly to the incoming water main and is connected  with the upstream kit provided to one or more super-efficient MainsBoost™ or MainsBoost-pro™ Water Performance Systems units to increase water pressure up to 3.5Bar and boost water flow rates to satisfy the high water demand created by multi occupancy properties.
The MainsBoost Charger™ MJ1 pump is WRAS approved and pumps a water regulations compliant 12lpm water from the main into the MainsBoost™ vessel. If the incoming water main provides more than 12lpm, the surplus is diverted through a ‘Green Energy’ by-pass directly into the MainsBoost™ system.
The MainsBoost Charger™ will increase water volumes to unvented cylinders, combination boilers, direct fed water heaters etc., and  is ideally suited for multiple outlet applications found in large domestic properties, hotels, care homes, sports facilities etc.

For MainsBoost Charger™ technical information click here.
Key Facts:
  • Pump direct from the incoming main without the need for break tanks
  • Increases water pressure to a maximum 3.5Bar
  • 'Green Energy' saving bypass
  • Quiet running - only 38dBa
  • Low energy consumption
  • Flexibility of location
  • minimal maintenance and chlorination
  • 3 year pump warranty
  • Patent protected design

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